M2 Cabinet Door Mdf Pvc Vacuum Press Machine

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General Introduction

This machine can be used to paste PVC on furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, relief doors, decoration panels for walls and other abnormal decoration shapes. It also can press the veneer after installation of silicon rubber sheet.

M2-F300 (9)
M2-F300 (6)


1. The machine’s operation is automatic and digitalized control. The main electrical equipments for control system adopt “Schneider”, “Weidmuller”, Taiwanese “Delta” PLC, Chinese”CHNT”. etc, operation panel with “Delta”touch screen.

2. Use infrared heating system and high quality heat preservation material, which can ensure even heating and energy saving.Aluminum panel with stainless steel heating tubes,3mm thickness copper bar conductivity ensure long using life.
Also equips bottom heating to improve the edges bonding strength and high gloss quality.

3. This machine uses integrated movement electromotor. It produces less noise and seldom breaks down.

4. The vacuum pump 150L adopts German technology and feature low noise, freedom from pollution and long-time service.

5.Large volume vacuum tank. It charges with double channels so that it can work with strong power.
6.The working table automaticlly air cylinders lock,and PVC automatic cutters save manpower,improve the production efficiency.

7.Bottom tray adopts whole sheet steel plate to bend,after service long time,no air leakage and deformation. 10 air holes design,the vacuum suck easily,no blockage.

Exterior size 12000 mm(8800mm)×1500 mm×1800mm
Working plate inner size 3000×1300/1100mm(If producing room door, you choose 1100mm; if producing cabinet door, you choose 1300mm)
Maximum height of the work piece  50mm (including height of bottom plate)
Rating working pressure ≥-0.095Mpa
General Power  28kw
Voltage 380V,50HZ
Actual power consumption about 7-9kw
Weight 2.8T
Top temperature  180


Width of inner size is 1100mm, using the PVC film’s width is 1260mm;
Width of inner size is 1300mm, using the PVC film’s width is 1400mm;
Thickness of PVC: 0.14-0.40mm
Thickness of veneer: 0.25-0.35mm R>75
(Covering veneer, the silicon rubber sheet is necessary)
Payment: 30% deposit, balance 70% before shipment
Delivery time: 25 days after receiving 30% deposit.
Package size:4300x2000x2200mm


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