TM4600 Double Door Skin Vacuum Press Machine

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General Introduction

This machine full automatic operation(heating, vacuum suction,working table start,one button start).Long working table can place 2 room door skins,the PVC film size same as door skin size, only wider 3cm than each side,maximumly save the PVC film.

General Introduction


1. The machine’s operation is automatic and digitalized control. The main electrical equipments for control system adopt “Schneider”, “Weidmuller”, Taiwanese “Delta” PLC controller, Chinese”CHNT”. etc, operation panel with touch

2. Use infrared heating system and high quality heat preservation material, which can ensure even heating and energy saving.

3. This machine uses integrated movement electromotor. It produces less noise and seldom breaks down.

4. Equip 2 sets(300m3/h/set) vacuum pump adopts German technology and feature low noise, freedom from pollution and long-time service,two vacuum tanks.

5.PVC automatic cutters save manpower,improve the production efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Exterior size15500mm×1840 mm×1820mm
Working plate inner size:4600mm×1200mm
Maximum height of the work piece: 50mm (including bottom supports)
Rating working pressure:≥-0.095Mpa
General Power: 45kw
Actual power consumption:about 12kw/h
Weight:4.5T Top temperature: 200℃

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