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General Introduction

This machine is for wrapping roll material on wide board,such as MDF, Particleboard, solid wood, PVC panel, aluminum board etc. Take special spraying slot nozzle coating adhesive on back surface of material,then press bonded on boards and profiles.

Wide panel PUR lamination machine (3)


Machine size(mm) 9000×2200×3300
Control end: Left 0, right 1
Wrapping width (mm) 600~1220
Work height (mm) 10~50
Min work length (mm) 400
Max wrapping width (mm) 1260
Diameter of air roll(mm) 75
nozzle heating power (kw) 3.6
Diameter of silicone wheel Φ200x1
Diameter of iron wheel Φ200x3
Hot air gun connector 2x4=8 pcs
Capacity power 3.4 kw×8
Infrared heating light power 1kw ×6
Total power about 38kw
Feed speed adjustable(m/min) 5~40
Height of work tray (mm) 890~900
Voltage 380V 3P 4Lines
Power frequency 50HZ
Compressed air 6 bar

Included units

(1)structure and transport:machine length 9m,transported by crawler type,and both sides moved wrapping width by motor. Structure designed and machined carefully,which promise the stability. Transport motor speed controlled by frequency governor. front and back crawlers are made of 2 chains and a set of support wheels, those 2 crawlers are drive by same one drive shaft,so promise drive stability. Also drive in forwarder and backward.
This machine equipped 4 circular dust collector and heating device in front.

(2)Equip both sides moving device for wrapping support and shaping assistant: equip two units separately and movable 400mm support, and open/close with crawler type.
Wide panel PUR lamination machine (5)
those support are placed both sides where nearby press roll, and adjusted according to board size fast. Adjustment is automatically and moved by separated motors and counters. just need input numbers on touching screen.

(3) frequency governor control feeding forward and backward speed.
electronic parts:take Taiwan PLC and frequency governor,control system, electronic parts,motor and reducer are domestic.

(4)This device equipped a outside shelf that afford 1260mm material roll. This shelf can support material roll in middle of machine. And material roll equipped air break.
nozzle got 4 air cylinder behind, they are for adjusting spreader closing to material, which about 15 angle degree.separate
roll can afford 400mm roll material.
Wide panel PUR lamination machine (1)

(5)Adhesive slot nozzle: it is machined accurately,work length 1260mm. And standard equips 100 sets press wheels and bars.

(6) All spareparts surface connected with adhesive is coated by Teflon, convenient for cleaning and repairment; slot nozzle get easy-replaced 0.3mm adjustable unit and adhesive valve controlled by outside air cylinder, also handler for convenient replacement.
Attention:adhesive pipes valve controlled by outside air cylinder;there are 2 input pipes from every end. And equipped 2 pcs 150mm horizontal presser, length 700mm,hardness 40.

(7)press roller
Press roller made of red silicone which above transporter roll, press on product surface, so improve bonding material on board. Every unit press roller is fixed on both sides of machine and height adjustable manually which showed in numbers. There are iron transport roll support press roller behind which controlled by frequency governor.

(8)Operator security system: installed emergency stop ripe on each side of machine, and a emergency button on control board, and a security network outside of adhesive box.

(9)separately electric box, PUR coating amount controlled by PLC, which touchable 120x90mm.

PUR hotmelt machine AD-200

model:AD-200 (disc type, suitable for PUR hot melt wrapping machine)
Equipped for PUR wrapping, suitable for international 55 gallon bucket. This device connected by communication port with wrapping machine, provide melted PUR adhesive for profile wrapping stably.
This device take German LENZE frequency governor, best motor, and SCHNEIDER electrics.take touched mankind screen and PLC control.


Bucket size 200kg(55galon)
Inside diameter  φ571mm
voltage AC220V/50HZ
Heating power  15KW
Temperature control  0--180℃
Work pressure 0.4~0.8MPa
Disc Max:1100mm
Max motor speed  60rpm
Max output pressure  50kg/cm2
Melt capacity 1-120kg/h
Control system PLC+touch screen
Insulation  yes
Temperature warning  yes
Adhesive burnout warning yes
Pack size 1600x1000x1850mm

main technical charters

1. disc type adhesive machine made by 3 parts:
Main machine, pipes, manual/automatic slot nozzle. And with function of upper and lower limit warning,adhesive allowance check, and frequency unfunction warning.

2. Progressive type melting: heating disc is above adhesive, only top part connected with heating disc and melted, then left part wont heated, so avoid adhesive aging because of long time heating

3. Adhesive separated from air when heat melting. There is O type sealing between disc and bucket,promise no connection with water in air, so satisfied PUR condition.

4. Disc made of aluminum alloy, and machined by CNC carefully, and sintered in deep penetration. It is bonding-prof,melted adhesive cleaned easily, so avoid adhesive carbonation, keep best state of adhesive bonding, and reduce jam.

5. Adhesive output adjusted by infinity variable speed,run by accurate gear pump, motor adjusted by infinity frequency, control output accurately.

6. Intelligent protection for main motor: main motor cannot start before heating disc arrived lower limit temperature, enhance protection to equipment.

7. adhesive bucket empty warning:
Quipped sensor behind main air cylinder, there is warning when adhesive run out.

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