BF-33-L Multifunction Hotmelt PUR Profile Wrapping Machine

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General Introduction

This machine take PUR glue wrapping the real wood, PVC film and melamine paper. It can wrap various products, such as skirting boards, set lines of door and windows, and railings of stairs. Work fast and perfect adhesive for the material.

SUNBLAND PUR BF-33-L single AD35 (4)

Work Enviroment Requirement

BF-33-L Multifunction Hotmelt PUR Profile Wrapping Machine

(2)Humidity: More than 40%
(3)Voltage: 380V ± 10%
(4)Installed capacity: wrapping machine 20KW; PUR melt 12KW .total:32KW
(5)Air pressure: 6 BAR
(6)Work area equipment area:L 6M X W 2M H 3M
Feed area:7M X 2M discharge area:7M X 2M

equips and parameters

Max wrapping width 30- 330 mm
Max wrapping height 5- 90 mm
Length of machine 6 m
Drive wheels 24 sets,
Drive wheels width 15mm
Feed speed 10-50 m /min

BF-33-L Multifunction Hotmelt PUR Profile Wrapping Machine (2)

Equips description

101 Whole steel-structure machine body, with steel plates bending and welding. Machined installation hole in high precision.
102 Drive system
24 sets drive wheels,4sets/m, 2pc/set.
2 wheels /set in width 15mm; diameter 200mm
201 Press equips Included connect bars and press wheels in set, total 120 sets
301 automatic PUR scrape coating equip, max coating width 330MM. Advantaged two-way adjustable coating system, and width showed in numbers.
401. Single air roll feed shelf. Air roll diameter 75MM, max material diameter 400MM Attached:Adjustable air break
501 Forward and backward speed controlled by frequency governor. Electrics PLC system take best motor and reducer domestically
502. separately electric box, PUR coating amount controlled by PLC, which touchable 120x90mm.
601. First press wheel are adjustable
602. Adjustable feeding ruler
Equipped at feed port, to make sure feed same speed with material.

Assist devices

1. 4 preheat hot air gun ( industrial 1600W)
2. 3 infrared lights, for preheating profiles
Heating power:1000W/PC,stainless steel surface and high temperature wire.

Equipped device

PUR melt machine
model:AutoDrum 35 (AD35 for short)
Equipped for PUR wrapping, suitable for international 5 gallon bucket. This device connected by communication port with wrapping machine, provide melted PUR adhesive for profile wrapping stably.
This device take German LENZE frequency governor, best motor, and SCHNEIDER electrics.take touched mankind screen and PLC control.
Adhesive saving: just add new adhesive in box, so avoid dispensing from wipe and box, save about 1kg every buckle.
Continuous production: adhesive output from bottom of box,so wrapping work wont stop when add new adhesive.
No bubble: machine take double melt structure, adhesive output when full and stable from bottom.
1. Accurate calculated pump,stable pressure control system
2. standard pipe out
3. specification:20 L(5 Gallon) standard bucketed PUR adhesive
4. Bucket inside diameter:280mm (286mm adopted)
5. Melt capacity:> 20 Kg /h
6. Heating power: 5.5Kw
7. Temperature :20--180℃
8. Disc trip:0--500mm
9. Max pump speed:100rpm
10. max pump pressure:50kg/cm²
11. work pressure:0.4--0.8MPa
12. voltage:AC220V/ 50Hz

Warning system

1. overheat alarm:Heating part alarm when over top limit temperature.
2. low adhesive alarm:Light alarm when adhesive will run out.
3. pump protection: pump motor cannot start when disc below low limit temperature.

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